I use Ableton to play backing tracks for our band. I also use it to play back syncd video and lighting via an external lighting controller that accepts midi notes and translates that to on/off commands for the lights. So I have several midi tracks included in my Ableton session and they output to my usb-midi controller which sends it down the line to the lighting controller. Very randomly, the usb-midi controller will just lockup and my lights will freeze, and the midi lights in the right corner will stop flashing just as you described.

  • The first thing you should think of while Microsoft Edge is not working or videos stop playing in it is the internet connection.
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  • Once blog.windll.com/fixed-antimalware-service-executable-high-cpu-on-windows-10/ only the bare minimum of a keyboard and mouse remain connected, run Windows Update.
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Update your Chrome browser to a version with bugs fixed and improved user experience. As listed and explained in this guide, this issue may be caused by a handful of factors. The steps forfixing YouTube videos not playing on Google Chrome have been simplified in this tutorial.

Vivobook 14 Won’t Detect Second Monitor

Can you directly connect the usb-c display to your machine? It sees all the usb devices attached to the monitor, but not the monitor itself.

Fix #8: Directly Download The Youtube Video

You can pick a date when you want to resume, which is useful for business trips and holidays. After 35 days, you have to install some updates before you can pause it again. Update attempts can also fail because your PC does not have enough storage space. This backup is now deleted after about 10 days; it used to be about 30 days. You are in much the same position as someone who is still running an up-to-date version of Windows 7, having skipped later releases. The main differences are that the timescales are much shorter and the upgrades are now free.

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